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Solar Week is now Space Weather Explorers Week

A new program for Fall 2023

Karin Hauck

Hello heliophysics education enthusiasts, we have good news.  The Solar Week program is returning! It will have a couple of new “flavors” —that is, an expanded reach and area of focus—and because of that, we are renaming it Space Weather Explorers Week.

NASA is partnering with scientists and engineers around the country to create a space mission that will study Earth's outermost atmosphere and how it interacts with the Sun. It's a part of the space environment around Earth called the Exosphere. The mission is named the Carruthers Geocorona Observatory.

At UC Berkeley, we will be creating a website with information about the mission science, and the people behind it. The website will feature educational activities, videos, games and opportunities to talk with space scientists.
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