Notes for Group Leaders: Fun with Pixels

Overview of Activity

Students completing this activity will learn about digital images and how satellites orbiting Earth send information and pictures to us over the Internet.

Age Level
Ages 10 and up

Materials Needed
* Digital camera or Scanner and attached computer
* Rectangular graph paper and colored markers or crayons
* An encrypted digital image of Sun in X-Rays from the Yohkoh satellite
* Hand Out for Team 1, Hand Out for Team 2, Hand Out for Team 3, Hand Out for Team 4 (print in portrait mode)
* OPTIONAL: spreadsheet program, image processing software, internet connection

Pre-requisite Knowledge Needed

Useful Links
Bringing Images from Space to Earth : An educational website from NASA's Deep Space Network which explores the techniques of obtaining digital images from spacecraft.

Learning without Touching : Explains what "remote sensing" means and what we can learn from satellites in space.

Multiverse skin is based on Greytness by Adammer