At Home Astronomy
Hands-on science experiments for the entire family.

Sun-Earth connection "Make and Take" Activities*
Build an edible model of the Sun or explore a scale model of the Sun and Earth...and more.

Eclipse "Make and Take" Activities*
Learn how the little Moon can hide the giant Sun or explore changing shadows...and more.

Five Stars Pathway: Engaging Girls in Science through Multigenerational Mentors—Curriculum and Website
An easy-to-use curriculum for after-school eductors of middle schoolers, with a collection of resources (videos, activities, background material) relating to the electromagnetic spectrum focusing on solar science.

* “Make & Take” Activities are informal or general education activities that can be adapted for home or public programs at museums & science centers. They are generally simple, hands-on, and craftsy with easily accessible materials, inexpensive to prepare, and either work as a demonstration or result in a tanglible product that can be taken home.

Multiverse skin is based on Greytness by Adammer