Scientist Interview Videos

NEW for Spring 2018

We'll add a new scientist video interview each day of Solar Week, March 19-23, 2018!

Monday: Dr. Isabel Hawkins of San Francisco's Exploratorium

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Tuesday:  Dr. Claire Raftery of National Solar Observatory

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Wednesday:  Dr. Pat Reiff of Rice University

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Thursday:  Dr.Terry Kucera of Goddard Space Flight Center

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Solar Week Video Shorts: Interviews with Solar Scientists!

In 2017, we made nine new videos of scientists who study the Sun-Earth connection. Most of the videos are under five minutes. The scientists talk about subjects such as the magnificence of an Eclipse, what we're learning about the sun through new satellite missions coming closer to the Sun than ever before, and the life of a working scientist.

YouTube Playlist: Nine New Video Interviews with Solar Scientists

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