Thursday: About the Ionosphere

Learn about the features of the ionosphere! This little-explored region exists between space and Earth. It is home to the aurora, the international space station, a variety of satellites, and radio communication waves. We know it is sensitive to weather from Earth and conditions in space, called space weather. Join us as we venture to this interface to space!

Source: NASA

The Ionosphere (Overview)

A basic ionosphere overview page from the UCAR Center for Science Education, with links to other backgrounder pages about the various layers of the atmosphere.


Earth's Atmospheric Global Electric Circuit

Here is a link to research on Earth's global electric circuit. This content includes the entire atmosphere, but the ionosphere plays a key role.

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Two NASA Missions Launch to Study the Ionosphere

Two NASA missions launched in 2018 and 2019 to study this mysterious region of our upper atmosphere:

ICON and GOLD. The two missions have similarities and differences.

Poster: ICON vs GOLD

Article: ICON and GOLD


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