Thursday: Eclipse!

Remember, during Solar Week your group or class can submit a couple of your best questions to the scientists and they will answer on the bulletin board. Click on "Ask a Question" in the left-hand menu.

Solar Week is part of the NASA Eclipse 2017 effort. You can find a page of information, maps, activities, scientist experts in your area, safety considerations and where to view the eclipse-across-America of August 21, 2017. Go the the NASA Eclipse website for a wealth of information.

If you are a park interpreter, we are offering a series of webinars on Interpreting the Great American Solar Eclipse to help you prepare and engage visitors to your outdoor park during this unparalleled opportunity.

Educator/Group Leader Information: Eclipse! and Safe Solar Viewing

The Solar Eclipse topic, game and activities are designed to introduce your participants to what happens during an eclipse of the Sun, when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. In doing this, they will learn about eclipses in history and what impact they had on the people who saw them. We concentrate on how we use eclipses (real and fake) to study the atmosphere of the Sun.You can access some basic eclipse preparatory material at our eclipse information page.

To continue, please use the links here at Learn About Solar Eclipses and its sub-pages:

  • Eclipses in History - Explains the effects of solar eclipses on people in history and how to forecast eclipses.
  • The Solar Corona - Explains information about the outer atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona.
  • Eclipse Facts - Provides interesting facts about eclipses.
  • The Effect on Earth
  • ABOVE ALL, PLEASE Observe the Sun Safely.
  • Another free resource that can be distributed to anyone is the “Solar Science All-American Total Solar Eclipse” guide by Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz. It is available through the National Science Teachers Association which publishes the longer “Solar Science” teacher’s guide. Look for the “Free 2017 Solar Eclipse Observing Guide” link on this page.

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