Wednesday Scavenger Hunt

Click on Wednesday's link (in the top gray menu) to Learn About the Active Sun page and read it.

  • The detection of __________________ destroyed the Greek belief that the Sun was unblemished.
  • When does the solar cycle have a peak of activity? ____________________________
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Solar Flares in the left-hand margin.
  • Read"Solar Flares" and answer the questions below.
  • What is called when a small region of the Sun erupts? _______________________

    Why do these eruptions occur? _____________________________________________________
  • What year was the first solar flare ever recorded? __________________________
  • The energy released in a solar flare is _____________________ times greater than the energy released from a volcanic explosion, but it is less than ____________________ of the total energy emitted by the Sun every second.
  • Radiation from solar flares travels to Earth in ______________ minutes. Name one thing that can result from this radiation.
  • How hot can the corona increase to during a solar flare? _____________________________________

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Scroll down and click on Coronal Mass Ejections.

  • What is the abbreviation for a coronal mass ejection? ________________________
  • How fast can a coronal mass ejection travel? ______________________
  • To observe a coronal mass ejection, scientists use an instrument called a ________________________. This instrument simulates a _______________________.
  • Ionized gas can also be called _____________________.
  • Coronal mass ejections can occur a few times a week or several times a day. What protects the Earth from the harmful effects of a coronal mass ejection?

  • When energetic particles from coronal mass ejections get through to the north or south pole, an ____________________ is created.
  • Go down the page and on the left-hand side find the movie called, "An erupting prominence observed in the Helium 304 channel".
  • Describe what you see in the movie. _________________________________________________________________________

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