Full Spectrum: Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros


My name is Juan Carlos Martínez-Oliveros, I am a Colombian astronomer. I was born in Bogotá , Colombia. I studied physics in the National University of Colombia for 4 years and left Colombia to study astronomy and astrophysics in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. There I studied at the Saint Petersburg State University, in the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics and got the degree of Msc in Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2004. I worked in Colombia for the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (National Astronomical Observatory) and for the department of physics of the Universidad de los Andes.

I did my PhD studies at Monash University under the supervision of Prof. Paul Cally and Dr. Alina-Catalina Donea. I studied the process of particle acceleration and magnetic field variations and their relation with the generation of sunquakes.

At the present time I work at the Space Sciences Laboratory- University of California at Berkeley. My current research project is related to the study of type II and III radio solar bursts, using radiometers onboard the twin spacecraft STEREO A and B. Also I work using data from RHESSI and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, continuing my flare physics and sunquake generation processes.


Observing Total Solar Eclipses

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