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Celebrating Our Sun-Earth Connection: March 19-23, 2018
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Monday - The Sun As a Star
Tuesday - Solar Close-Ups
Wednesday- The Active Sun
Thursday - The Sky Above: Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Friday - Solar Careers, Internships and Opportunities

Registration buttonSolar Week, a week of online curriculum, games and activities about the Sun for grades 5-9, happens twice a year, approximately mid-to-late March and mid-to-late October. [Daily Facts, Games and Activities are available all year; "Ask a Question" has archived answers only -- until LIVE during Solar Week.]

UPDATES: The next Solar Week will be March 19-23rd, 2018, with the usual lessons about the Sun-Earth connection, and conversations with leading solar scientists. We also have some brand new videos, featuring past Solar Week scientists and others who study the Sun!

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