Scavenger Hunt

See if you can find the answers to these questions among the Monday pages of Solar Week.

Use Monday's  Learn About the Sun as a Star page to answer these questions.
  • What is the closest star to planet Earth?

  • Name the one characteristic that makes the sun unique in the Universe.

  • _____________________________________  

Use the page "Facts about the Sun" to answer the following questions.

  • How many light years is the Sun from the center of the Milky Way galaxy?


  • Where in the Milky Way galaxy is the Sun located?


  • The radius of the sun is _________________ km, while the radius of the Earth is ________________________________ km.

  • How many days does it take the Sun to rotate?  _______________________


  • How many days does it take the Earth to rotate?  _______________________



  • What is the temperature at the surface of the Sun?
  • The Earth and the Sun are __________________ km apart.  This is ___________________________ miles.
  • Write down two other facts you found interesting.





Scroll down to the Structure section.  Use the information in this section to answer the questions below.

  • Which region of the Sun is the coolest?  ________________________
  • Which region is the hottest?  ________________________

Click on Stellar Fingerprinting. Use the information to answer the questions below.

  • What about a star tells us how hot it is?  ____________________________
  • What instrument is used to split light into a spectrum of colors?  ____________________________
  • What color star is the sun?  _____________________



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