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women and floating binary codeWelcome to today's game. Today we are concentrating on careers as scientists. Our scientists are online waiting to answer your questions. But first, we thought we would introduce them to you through a fun scavenger hunt. Your task is to identify the scientists from the clues given below.

In order to get the correct answers you should read the biographies to find out all about them.

Enter your answers in the spaces provided below. When you have completed all of the clues, check the answers and see which ones you got right.

Bear in mind that scientists might appear more than once, or not at all!

Find the Scientist
Born in Finland, in her free time, she enjoys yoga, scuba diving, snowboarding and going out with friends.
Until sixth grade, being a scientist wasn't her only idea. She also considered being an architect, a firewoman, a high school teacher, a veterinarian, and a professional French horn player.
A mandolin-playing chemists' daughter who enjoys the challenges of being a solar physicist.
From early dreams of rocket flights to fixing up hot-rods, this ex ballet dancer has come a long way.
She saw an eclipse when she was only three years old and decided on a career in astronomy by the time she was eight.
A lowland lassie who can now count the points on the star in Dutch.
At the end of her junior year in high school, she won a trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama by correctly answering trivia questions about space exploration.
An Alaskan aurora got her started but its her little sports car which keeps her moving.
Her hobbies included horseback riding, ice skating, sewing and reading.
Her favorite hobby was designing clothes and drawing people that were passing by.
Since she was a child, she has wanted to fly planes -- big or small!
What she likes most about her job is that when you discover or figure something out, for that time you are the ONLY one in the world who knows that!
As a child in Texas, she spent many of her evenings laying in her backyard learning the names of stars and constellations by heart.
She was born and raised in China.
 Look at the answer page to see how well you did -- one point for each correct answer.

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