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Full Spectrum: Documentary Film Project

Posted by Bryan Mendez
Bryan Mendez

collage of diverse people“The stars are there for everyone to see, and anyone can study their mysteries.
Ask anyone in the United States to picture a space scientist, do an internet image search for ‘scientist,’ ‘astronomer,’ or ‘physicist,’  or open up a children’s book about different careers and you will overwhelming get pictures of white men in white lab coats holding flasks of colored liquids. Putting aside the colorful liquids and lab coats, why are they mostly white men?
The truth is, if the average American has ever encountered an actual space scientist they probably were a white man. About 80% of space scientists in the United States are men, and 80% are white.
Full Spectrum is a documentary film project telling the stories of research scientists and engineers who identify with groups underrepresented in the space sciences in the United States (African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Women, LGBTIQ people, and persons with disabilities).
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Reflections on Community & Relationship-Building in NASA's SMD EPO Community

Posted by Nancy Ali
Nancy Ali

[This is one of a series of blog posts about our six-year involvement leading the NASA Heliophysics Science Education and Public Outreach Forum. ]

Only three weeks into my new job at UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Lab, I was invited to attend the NASA Science Mission Directorate Education/Public Outreach (SMD EPO) Forum retreat. This gathering, which was held in Colorado in conjunction with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference in 2010, brought together top heliophysics scientists and educators from around the United States.

As it turned out, this retreat not only initiated me into the heliophysics community, it also set the stage for my work collaborating with NASA scientists and educators for the next five years. The community of practice that was forged at this retreat provided the basis for learning about heliophysics content, getting connected into the latest NASA mission news and events, and sharing of ideas, best practices and research regarding educating students, teachers and the public about the wonders of NASA heliophysics science.

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