Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Eclipses

Did you know that astrophysicists use just those types of transits to help them understand the characteristics of stars outside our solar system? Here...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Scientist parents?

I've seen it go both ways, where you have the child of scientists go on to be a great scientist themselves, but I've also seen the children of scienti...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Artistic scientists

I don't think I'd go so far as to call myself an artist, but I do love being creative. It's always exciting to find new and interesting ways to explai...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: recent eclipse

Hi there. I was lucky enough to see the total eclipse this year - it was my first one! Seeing a total eclipse is a completely different experience to ...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: CME

The nice thing about science is that it is accurate no matter how you apply it. Essentially, we use speed = distance/time to calculate the CME speed. ...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Eclipse August on 21st

I saw the eclipse from Salem in Oregon. It was my first total eclipse and it gave me shivers up my spine! It was other worldly and the light from it w...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Comet hitting the Sun

Hi there. Comets hit the Sun all the time, but since even the big ones are teeny tiny compared to the enormous Sun, they tend to just burn up/melt as ...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Color of the ancient Sun

The Sun has evolved over millions of years, like any star so yes, it would have been a different size and color a few billion years ago. This is a ver...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Who inspired you?

Hi Heather. I had a number of role models along the way, although not really any idols. More, I had people who inspired me to believe in myself and fo...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: career

Thats a great question. Its one that can be answered in many ways. As Christina, Kris and Laurel said, there are lots of institutions across the natio...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Your Career

Hi Sam, That's a great question. I don't know where I'll be in 10 years from now. One thing I've learned over the past few years is you never know...


Claire Rafteryreplied to: RE: Ionosphere

That's a great question. The ionosphere is the uppermost layer in the atmosphere, so it's the one that the Sun's radiation hits first. Each layer in t...


Claire Raftery created the event Presentation on the value of Space Sciences Education at the Global Space and Satellite Forum, UAE

About GSSF forum: Officially endorsed by the UAE Space Agency and hosted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, the 5th Global Space and Satellite Forum (GSSF 2015) will bring together key regional and international stakeholders and decision makers from the space and satellite industry. GSSF 2015 will examine the complete journey that emerging and developed space regions need to take from research through to development and modern applications.

Panel Discussion: Next Generation’s Role in Research and Innovation for National Economic Development.Although the UAE has been managing satellites space activities for decades, the launch of the UAE Space Agency leads the diversification and development of the economic goals and growth on a national level. In order to optimize and sustain the growth of the industry in the region, it is crucial to encourage those entering the workforce to purse aerospace industry careers and hence expand on the pool of qualified domestic talent in the UAE’s expanding space and satellite industry. This panel brings together perspectives from both leaders and students/young professionals in the space sector in addressing new ventures, international collaboration, public outreach programs and scientific missions in space that will enable the region to fulfill its goals.Presenters: Erin Wood, LASP, CU Boulder; Minoo Rathnasabapathy, Space Generation Advisory Council; Dr. Claire Raftery, Multiverse, Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley; Amal Ezzedine, Director, Government Services, Thuraya.


Claire Raftery created the event ASSURE undergraduate closing conference

Join our ASSURE interns and other SSL undergraduate and graduate students for the closing conference of our research program where students will present the results of their summer research projects. Everyone is welcome to attend. Check out the video of our 2014 closing conference here


Claire Raftery created the event ASSURE undergraduate research program

This summer we will welcome 8-10 undergraduate students from Community Colleges and Universities around California to SSL. These students will conduct research projects in the areas of space science and engineering over a 10 week period, supervised and mentored by expert researchers from SSL. Check out for more details. 


Claire Raftery created the event MAVEN New Media Workshop

This workshop is tentatively scheduled for the last week in March, subject to change. The final dates will be announced by the end of January. This workshop is focused on providing professional development for media professionals on the content area related to MAVEN. 

As MAVEN science is complex, the MAVEN E/PO program aims to help ensure that new media practitioners are

sharing correct and accurate science and engineering concepts related to MAVEN with the public. One approach to

meeting this goal is to provide professional development to media professionals on science, technology, and

engineering as they relate to MAVEN and the science of MAVEN. The goal of professional development for new

media is not primarily to promote a specific news story around MAVEN. The intent is to broaden and deepen

journalists’ understanding of space science and to promote increased communication and understanding among new

media practitioners, traditional journalists, scientists, and educators. These New Media Practitioner Professional

Development Workshops  are two 2-day workshops for bloggers, journalists, and people actively involved in accurate

science tweets on MAVEN-related science, technology and engineering concepts.


Claire Raftery created the event MAVEN reaches Mars - Mars Orbit Insertion celebration at SSL

After a 10 month cruise phase, NASA's MAVEN mission will reach the Red Planet on September 21st. After a series of maneuvers, the satellite will be placed into orbit around Mars. Join us at SSL to celebrate this exciting and momentous event.


Claire Raftery created the event MAVEN Educator Ambassador meeting in Boulder

The second cohort of the MAVEN Educator Ambassador program will be run at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) in Boulder, CO in conjunction with the Multiverse team. 30 teachers from around the country will participate in a week long Master teacher workshop, after which they will conduct their own "tier 2" workshops for their local school districts. 


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