Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Magnetic effects

Hi Lauren, One thing that the Sun's magnetic field does do is create a bubble which contains our planets (and more). This is called the Heliospher...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: careers

Hi Stephanie, Kris gave a great answer and I just want to add another comment. While there is definitely competition, particularly in getting fu...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Star Color

Hi Otis, That's a great question, particularly since we often refer to things as 'red hot' not 'blue hot'. Any matter that is at a temperature abo...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Question

Terry's right - definitely don't look at the Sun during the day. I think some of the confusion about whether you need eclipse glasses or not for lo...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Is the green flash real?

It is definitely real. I haven't seen one, but I know people who have. The atmospheric conditions need to be just right and you need to have a prett...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Asteroids Hitting Sun

I don't think there have been any observations of an asteroid hitting the Sun. But, since asteroids are a bit hard to see, it might have happened wit...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Scientist parents?

I think it does, but it certainly isn't necessary. My mother is a physicist (although in a different area than me) and my dad is a mathematician. ...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Sunrise on Venus

Yeah, Venus is an odd duck. Unlike Earth (and all the other planets except for Uranus, which is almost lying on its side in terms of spinning), Venus...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Sports

Although soccer is my sport of choice, I definitely follow the LA Rams (so glad to have them back in LA!)... and of course, we always have a superbowl...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Solar Flares

Hi, On the Sun there are areas with really complicated loops of magnetic fields. Sometimes these loops twist around or cross each other and then '...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: internships and science/space camps?

Hi, I didn't do any of these things as a kid, but there also weren't as many available back then. I would say that it isn't critical to do them,...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Next eclipse

Hi, The next full solar eclipse in the US is in April, 2024. I definitely plan on going to see it, and I have a few years to figure out where. I ...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Parker Solar Probe: Launching during solar minimum

From the point of energetic particles, we did want to launch into a more active period - but you go when NASA approves the mission and tells you you c...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Parker Solar Probe: Speed of Probe

Hi, The Earth itself is going pretty fast around the Sun (about 67,000 mph), so just by starting on the Earth Solar Probe is going pretty fast. ...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Future Missions to Study Other Stars?

Hi, We have astronomy missions that study many stars in great detail and there are new ones proposed and being built. In fact the next big telesco...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Parker Solar Probe: Time period of satellite

Hi, I'm not sure which 'time period' you mean. The whole mission is just under 7 years long. During this time Solar Probe will make 24 orbits aro...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Parker Solar Probe: How can probe survive temperature

Hi, This was definitely one of the biggest challenges for the mission! While the temperature of the corona is very high, the density is extremely ...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Stellar Winds?

Hi, No, we have evidence that there is the equivalence of a solar wind at other stars. In fact probably most stars that are similar to our Sun hav...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: Parker Solar Probe: CME Danger?

Hi, Coronal mass ejections reach spacecraft all the time, although usually near Earth's orbit (where most of our spacecraft are) without destroying...


Christina Cohenreplied to: RE: solar strms

Hi, Our current definition of solar storms encompasses a wide range of phenomena, not all of which were possible to observe long ago. We have reco...



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