How old is the Sun?

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Do you know when the Sun is going to burn out, or will it burn out or not?

The sun has another 4 or 5 billion years before it uses up its nuclear fuel, at which point its outer layers will inflate turning it into a red giant, and then blow off altogether leaving a cooler, dense, white dwarf star.

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Solar Facts and The end of the Sun: Dr. SOHO

Do you know when the SUN is going to burn out?

We think that it will finish burning up its hydrogen in about 5 billion years. It won't just burn out in a simple way, though. You can read more about it at the following site:

A Peek into the Lives of Stars

Terry Kucera

When will burn out and what star taks it place?

The sun runs out of hydrogen fuel in its core about five billion years from now; it will become a red giant star, expanding to fill the inner solar system. No other star will take its place.

Sallie Baliunas

Do you have a prediction when the sun is going to stop?

The Sun is abut 4.5 billion years old now. It is about 300 degrees hotter and abput 6% greater in radius than when it was first born. It will continue to increase,in temperature, luminosity and radius at about the same rate for about another 5 billion years. At that point the luminosity will be twice its present value and and will be 40% larger in radius. At this point there will be no more hydrogen in the core, forcing energy tot ake place in whatis called a hydrigen burning shell. The core wil starts to contract as the outer layes expand. Over the next 1.5 billion years the surface should enlarge to about 3.3 times its present size while the surface cools to 4,300 degrees Kelvin. Next the Sun will rapidly swell and become a red giant star. Within the next 250 million years it will expand to 100 times its present size and 500 times more luminous. When the core temparture reaches 100,000,000 degrees Kelvin, all the rest of the helium will fuse into carbon in one big bang, causing one third of the solar envelope to be thrown out into space. After this the Sun will become brighter and the outer layers will be blown out into space in the form of a a dense solar wind known as a planetary nebula. At that point all that will be left is a white dwarf.

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