Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum is a documentary film project to tell the stories of minority space scientists and show the next generation that they can be a part of this story too. We want to create a new social image of who scientists are and who can solve the mysteries of the stars.

Collage of images of intervieweesWe are interviewing research scientists and engineers who identify with groups underrepresented in the space sciences in the United States (African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Women, LGBTIQ people, and persons with disabilities). We are documenting their experiences of training and working in a profession where they are a minority. We hope that these stories will educate the larger community about challenges that individuals from underrepresented groups face and will spark conversations about how the field of space science, and science in general, can become more inclusive.

The project is currently in production, but we need additional funding to be able to complete and distribute it. We envision producing a feature length documentary as well as a documentary short and a website with more complete interviews and profiles of the scientists who we are highlighting.

You can donate to the project here

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Multiverse skin is based on Greytness by Adammer