Eclipse Megamovie Awareness Tour: Kansas City, MO
Start Date/Time:
Saturday, June 24, 2017 12:00 PM
End Date/Time:
Saturday, June 24, 2017 3:00 PM
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One time event
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Noon and 2 PM in Planetarium, all day at Maker Faire at ScienceCity at Union Station, 30 Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108.

Multiverse at UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory is on the next leg of its “Eclipse Megamovie Awareness Tour” - a series of town hall and science education meetings in communities located along the path of the August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse. This awareness-raising tour, deliberately planned to take place months ahead of the eclipse, began in Oregon, August 1-5th, 2016; continued last winter in South Carolina and North Carolina; and went on in the spring in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Late spring includes Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska. Through its Making & Science initiative, Google will be working with Multiverse on the Eclipse Megamovie project, as well as working with educators and nonprofits around the country. Multiverse is coordinating this awareness tour to bring together all the various interested parties – such as civic leaders, fire and police departments, park rangers, business owners, librarians, school boards, scientists, filmmakers, astronomy clubs and eclipse-chasers – to discuss the science and impact of next year’s total solar eclipse on the local community.

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