Eclipse Megamovie Awareness Tour

Photo of a total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse is a rare natural occurrence that allows scientists and observers the unique opportunity to view the Sun’s mysterious and powerful corona from here on Earth.

Did you know that the 2017 total solar eclipse is the first to go from coast-to-coast across the continental U.S. since 1918? This amazing natural event will not happen again until 2024, and not again from coast-to-coast until 2045!

Multiverse is excited to announce the kickoff of its "Eclipse Across America Awareness Tour" - a series of town hall meetings in communities located along the path of the August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse. Our first tour is in Oregon the first week of August 2016.  Please check out our events calendar for more details!

This awareness-raising tour is deliberately planned to take place a year ahead of the eclipse.  Multiverse is coordinating this awareness tour to bring together all the various interested parties – such as civic leaders, fire and police departments, park rangers, business owners, librarians, school boards, scientists, filmmakers, astronomy clubs and eclipse-chasers – to discuss the science and impact of next year’s total solar eclipse on the local community.  

This awareness tour also serves to recruit and enlist members of the public to join and help gather an extraordinary compilation of scientific data on behalf of scientists during the actual eclipse event in 2017.  A total solar eclipse is a rare natural occurrence that allows scientists and observers the unique opportunity to view the Sun’s mysterious corona from here on Earth.  Through its Making & Science initiative, Google will be working with Multiverse on the Megamovie project, as well as working with educators and nonprofits around the country.  

The Megamovie 
project, which is currently being proposed to the National Science Foundation, is an effort to create a scientifically valuable cache of eclipse images, some of which will be stitched together into a movie that will allow scientists and the public to view the eclipse phenomenon for a much longer period than they could from any one place along its path.  It will also create streamable movies from these images that will be shared with the public on the day of the August 2017 total solar eclipse. We will accomplish both these goals by having thousands of people take pictures of the event - some with very strict specifications who are known as "Megamovie Makers", others as they see fit. The result will be an immense trove of data for solar research scientists and the public at large. 

Join us on our awareness tour! We will be on Twitter and Facebook and will be posting photos and videos of these wonderful communities.  You can also follow Dr. Laura Peticolas and Darlene Yan on their personal Twitter accounts. Their opinions are their own and do not reflect the views of Multiverse or University of California Berkeley. 

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