KD Lekareplied to: RE: coronal holes

Hi; I will first say that while we have some idea of what coronal holes are, physically, there is still a lot of research to be done -- we especially...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: Scientist parents?

OK, this is fun to talk about. But I do want to stress what Mitzi said -- fostering curiosity and education is just key. My dad (who was an attorney...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: Magnetic field

Hi John; I'm going to elaborate a little on Dawn's answer, with just a little bit of, "we don't really know". We do know it to about that level of...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: sun and global warming

Hi; In a very real sense, of course it does -- because without the Sun, there would be absolutely no warmth on Earth besides what comes from plate te...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: depth of sunspots

Hi - just to add to what Paulette wrote, the reason that the sunspots are darker (cooler) is due to the intense magnetic fields there. And to echo wh...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: storms

Another good website (with awesome pictures!): spaceweather.com


KD Lekareplied to: RE: most interesting fact

The fact that always befuddles me is that while it only takes about 8 minutes or light to get to us from the surface of the Sun, photons produced deep...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: solar storm

Hi; following up on Alessandra's answer, there would be differences in just how the others planets may be impacted, due to things like whether they h...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: near sun planetary exploration

Hi - hmmm, I honestly don't know, and so will defer to my colleagues. Our technology has improved such that a new mission would certainly be more ca...


KD Lekareplied to: RE: eclipse

Hi -- I did! I opted for this one to do no science, but to just enjoy with my family in Nebraska. I still couldn't help calling over to other people...


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