ASSURE Projects Summer 2017


The summer 2017 ASSURE REU program was another great success for both the students and their scientist mentors. The summer culminated in a poster session where students presented their research findings.


Student Posters

Project: POLARBEAR CMB Experiment

Advisors: Oliver Jeong, Darcy Barron

Students: Alfredo Arevalo, Mohammad Kamil Shams

Alfredo Arevalo: Improving the Cryogenic Performance of the Optics Tube and Design, Construction, and Testing of the New Optical Windows of Simons Array

Alfredo's Poster


Mohammad Kamil Shams: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of the Performance of the Simons Array Optics Tubes

Mohammad's Poster


Project: Ionosphere Connection Explorer (ICON)

Advisors: Thomas Immel, Colin Triplett

Students: Carmina Cruz, Naomy Marrufo

Carmina Cruz: Space Weather During the Summer of 2017

Carmina's Poster


Naomy Marrufo: Simulating and Predicting NASA ICON Explorer Results

Naomy's Poster


Project: Smart PV

Advisor: Carl Pennypacker

Students: Leah Altman, Paul Rynhoud

Leah Altman: Smart PV: Mechanical Design Modifications to the Second Prototype

Leah's Poster


Paul Rynhoud: Affordable Photovoltaic Power for a Developing Planet -- "Smart PV"

Paul's Poster


Project: Eclipse Megamovie

Advisors: Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros and Laura Peticolas

Students: Akira DeMoss, Siuling Pau

Akira DeMoss: Optimized Open Source Python Code for Raspberry Pi-Controlled Eclipse MegaMovie Photography Automatization

Akira's Poster


Siuling Pau: The MegaMovie Project: Optimization of an Affordable, Automatic Photo Documentation System

Siuling's Poster


Project: Ice Cores from Antarctica and Greenland

Advisor: Kees Welten

Student: Shania Nichols

Shania Nichols: Verifying the Nature of the 5480 BC Cosmic-ray Spike by Measuring 10Be in Ice Cores from Antarctica and Greenland

Shania's Poster


Project: Giant pulses from the Crab Nebula

Advisors: Vishal Gajjar, Dan Werthimer

Student: Hasanain al Sabonchi

Hasanain al Sabonchi: Software Pipeline for RFI Excision from Pulsar Data

Hasanain's Poster



Project: Electron Acoustic Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere

Advisors: Ivan Vasko, Forrest Mozer, Oleksiy Agapitov

Student: Christian Slade Dillard

Christian Slade Dillard: Electron Acoustic Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere

Slade's poster

Student Poster Videos

Each student filmed a short 5-minute video discussing their summer project. Please see all the videos in the playlist below. 


Summer Seminar Series

The students presented their work in a "jigsaw" seminar with their advisors. Videos of these ~ 45 minute seminars are below.


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