Kelly Larson

Solar PV Installer, Electrical Contractor, Electrical Engineer, Master Trainer


In high school, I worked at radio stations doing everything from DJ  to more technical jobs. I loved broadcasting, but quickly realized that the only person with a stable job there was the engineer who knew how to keep the station running. I decided right then that I would get an engineering degree. 

I hadn’t been a star student, but I knew I needed good grades to be an engineer, so that gave me the motivation to really apply myself. I ended up joining the National Guard and learning to fly helicopters, so I could have the GI bill money to attend college. (This was in the days before the National Guard was sent overseas.) I flew Wednesday nights, weekends, and during the summer to make money for school, and got my degree in 1992. By the time I had got my degree, my passion had changed. What excited me then was renewable energy. I knew it was the future, and it was a very positive industry to be in. I love it!

I have been designing, installing and troubleshooting solar and small scale hydroelectric for 10 years. Before that, I was a staff engineer for seven years with a company that sells RE (renewable energy) equipment. I have an electrical engineering degree and an electrical contractor’s license in California. I teach energy classes for various groups, community centers and energy fairs.

I try to live as simply as I can, and encourage my students and customers to do the same. I often install systems for women and families who are living “off-the-grid” in rural areas. It is my delight to make difficult subjects such as electricity and renewable energy technology simple enough for everyone to understand. I specialize in classes for women as well as coed. I enjoy sitting down with homeowners and coming away knowing they understand their systems better. I do everything from RE system design consultation to installation.


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