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Doomsday 2012: Meteor Impacts

Bryan Mendez
One of the possible 2012 doomsday scenarios is the collision of a large meteor with Earth that could cause a mass extinction, and bring about the end of human civilization. 

2012 Talking Points

Bryan Mendez
Presented here are some essential points regarding the 2012 Doomsday Phenomenon. Within these main points are links to sources of evidence for a particular topic. 

Keepers of Time

Bryan Mendez
One of the most important accomplishments and contributions of our Maya ancestors—for all humanity past and present—are their calendars. 

Calendar in the Sky

Bryan Mendez
Calendars are tools that can be used to measure time and record events. They can also be used to plan future events. Cultures all around the world and throughout history have invented a variety of calendars to mark time. Official time is kept here, in the United States, based on the natural cycles of atomic clocks. Our official calendar is also based on the cyclical movements of objects in the sky, as are the majority of calendars kept by other cultures, past and present, including the Maya.
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