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MAVEN Educator Ambassador Workshop - NASA Goddard - August 2015

Karin Hauck

[Today we link to a fun and picture-filled blog entry from teacher Danielle Miller, who spent a week at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center participating in our professional development workshop with other "educator ambassadors" around  the topic of the planet Mars and its mysterious loss of atmosphere.]

smiling woman pointing up at screen behind her

...studying the atmosphere of Mars is like "watching the last 5 minutes of a movie and trying to figure out from that what happened in the first 5 minutes."

I recently participated in some awesome professional development to become a Mars MAVEN Educator Ambassador. MAVEN is an acronym—of course it is, it's NASA—for  Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN mission, so I'm just going to call it MAVEN from here on out. It's not a rover, it's an orbiter and it doesn't have cameras so it's not quite as high profile as some other Mars missions *cough* Curiosity *cough* but it is really super cool.

The MAVEN Educator Ambassador workshop was a week in Greenbelt, Maryland - the home of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center—with some of the most amazing, inspiring, smart educators I've ever met. There are many times that I think that the best part of teacher workshops is meeting all of the other teachers... and this one was no exception.

Read more and see photos at Danielle's blog

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