Heliophysics Educator Ambassador Program for Informal Educators (IHEA) Chicago Workshop February 8-13, 2015

The Heliophysics Educator Ambassador for Informal Educators (IHEA) program is an adaptation of the Heliophysics Educator Ambassador program begun in 2009 for middle and high school science teachers. This session focuses on engaging informal educators in museum or science center settings that work with K-12 teacher professional development. 

The IHEA program provides in-depth, learning experiences around Earth, Space, and Physical Science topics through interaction with NASA mission subject matter experts and educational professionals. Participants gain the experience and materials needed to use NASA science, data, and educational resources as an educational ambassador for NASA Heliophysics science concepts. 

After attending a week-long intensive training, IHEA participants conduct two professional development workshops for K-12 educators, engage a chosen audience through their institute or organization using the provided NASA educational resources and activities, and mentor and train another fellow informal educator to use the same materials and resources with their audiences. Participants continue to engage with each other and NASA professionals through follow up virtual sessions and online collaborations.

Mission collaborators include team members from the ICON, IBEX, THEMIS, MMS, SDO and Van Allen Probes missions, as well as cross-divisional collaborators from Astrophysics missions.  

To learn more about the IHEA participants, please visit the IHEA bios page by clicking "Bios" in the left sidebar. 

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