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Last Post 10/23/2008 7:50 AM by  Jim Stryder
extraterrestrial global warming
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10/22/2008 9:35 AM

    How accurate are recent reports that global warming, possibly due to a solar cycle, is being observed on planets other than Earth, namely Mars and Jupiter?

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    Jim Stryder

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    10/23/2008 7:50 AM


    Global warming on Earth has been shown to be the product of 21st Century mankinds own influence, namely as a result of pollution, adding huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other poisons into the atmosphere! You may want to reference former Vice President Al Gore's video on this subject. In terms of solar cycles influence, I'm not sure there's been any real data to suggest the solar cycles have played any role in this. The other term used in connection is known as the "Greenhouse" effect, where a planet builds up so much dense cloud cover, it literally traps the heat, and builds to high temperatures, a good example for instance is the planet Venus, with surface temps over 800 Deg F. In Mars' case, there's really not much of an atmosphere to really cause this on the planet. In Jupiter's atmosphere, your dealing with a very exotic chemistry, let alone storm features like the Great Red Spot, known to have been there now for over 100 years, its still a mystery. You may want to visit NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab webpage for additional details on missions studying the Earth and the environment, here is their webpage;

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