ASSURE Summer 2017

Welcome to ASSURE 2017! We have a great summer planned for you.

The program dates are June 5 - August 11. 

The full summer calendar is in Google Calendar. Check back for updates!


FULL HILL SHUTTLE SCHEDULE (bus from campus to Space Science Lab)

When will I find out what my research project is and who will my mentor be? 

We will pair up summer interns to mentors and research projects during the first week. A list of research projects for this summer can be found here.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the summer?

Yes! Although no programming experience is expected, we will start the summer with an intensive bootcamp week getting everyone up to speed on the skills they'll need for their summer research.  Getting started with the command line and programming can be slow to start, so spending some time in the months and weeks before the summer will allow you to work at your own pace. Many programming languages are transferable, so start with one (we strongly recommend Python 2.7) and get familiar with that to get a head start on the summer.  See below for some good resources for programming lessons.


Contact with any further questions about this summer.

Bootcamp week resources

Useful Programming Lessons

Learn Python the Hard Way

Strongly recommended for quickly learning the essential skills needed to be familiar with programming as a tool for research, especially if you have never taken any programming classes before

Table of contents

Command line crash course

Command line cheat sheet

Installing Python


A more user-friendly interface for learning specific programming topics. Useful if you already are familiar with a programming language and need to learn Python specifically

Learn the command line

Learn Python

Software Carpentry

Unix shell tutorial

Keeping a Research Journal

Why you should keep a PhD Notebook

How to keep a formal lab notebook

Other Useful Resources

Textbook on Effective Computation in Physics

How to Succeed in Graduate School: A Guide for Students and Advisors



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