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Come here during Solar Week (next one: March 22-26, 2021) to interact. To post a question, click on your area of interest from the topics below, and then click on the "Ask New Question" button. Or EMAIL or tweet or plant in Answer Garden your question about the Sun or life as a scientist to us -- and watch for it to appear here.  You can also visit our FAQs (frequently asked questions). In between Solar Weeks in October and March, you can view all the archives here.

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1 Replies and 2979 Views your career �2979 �1 Started by Anonymous Sarah & Ginny (Fx) th grade Since most of you sceitnists are women, if you have children, how do you find time to study the sun, and does it ever get in the way of family thanks!!
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by Isabel HawkinsJump to last post
10/24/2008 7:47 AM
2 Replies and 2542 Views career economy �2542 �2 Started by Anonymous Linda E Given the present state of our economy, do any of you work a second job, and if not, has the economic situation hurt your work in terms of getting grants, etc
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by KD LekaJump to last post
10/23/2008 3:49 PM
2 Replies and 2517 Views career �2517 �2 Started by Anonymous Kelli (Fx) 5th grade In your career, what would you consider to have been the worst day on the job, like somethng that didn't go right, or not finding the right informtion thanks...
2 2517
by Kris SigsbeeJump to last post
10/22/2008 9:05 AM
3 Replies and 3606 Views Your Career �3606 �3 Started by Anonymous Sam M (AD) Do you think 10 years from now you'll still be sturdying the sun, if not, what might you be doing thanks...
3 3606
by Pat ReiffJump to last post
10/21/2008 3:22 PM
2 Replies and 3727 Views Research on Space �3727 �2 Started by Anonymous Did you build or work on an instrument, which is now used in space
2 3727
by Pat ReiffJump to last post
10/21/2008 2:52 PM
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