Sabrina Savagereplied to: RE: Sun sets in different locations (TW)

What a fantastic experiment you performed! Yes, it would repeat exactly the same through another year over the same time period. What you are measuri...


Sabrina Savagereplied to: RE: hobbies

Hi! I started out as a night time, ground-based observer studying Gamma Ray Burst afterglows. It was fantastic, but I was kind of summoned over to t...


Sabrina Savagereplied to: RE: ham radio

Hi Viola, I do not personally, but several of my colleagues use ham radio. I didn't have any interest in it myself until reading Alessandra's respon...


Sabrina Savagereplied to: RE: solar power

Hi Serena, We looked into putting solar panels on our roof, but the orientation of it was not conducive to providing much power to our home. As ef...


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