"Being part of SSL was a great experience. It’s not something that you just put on your resume.
It’s something that you carry with you for a lifetime" 
- 2014 ASSURE participant

Summer 2016 Schedule

Summer 2016 Projects

About the ASSURE program

The Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at the University of California, Berkeley is a nationally renowned lab created to better understand Earth's atmosphere and space environment, the Sun, Solar System, and the Universe.

The ASSURE program, supported by the National Science Foundation provides up to ten summer internship placements for community college and first generation students to conduct cutting-edge research projects, supervised by leading experts in the space science and engineering fields. 


Who should apply

This program is dedicated to providing opportunities for enthusiastic and dedicated first generation and minority students, and any students for whom a research opportunity may be a challenge. Although anyone enrolled in a Fall-2016 undergraduate course is eligible to apply, rising sophomore, junior and senior students are preferred. Students majoring in physics, math, astronomy, astrophysics, computer science, chemistry, geology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and other related subjects are encouraged to apply. 

What skills do I need?

No research experience is required for this program. We are seeking motivated, self-starting students with an interest in space sciences and engineering who are eager to learn and expand their experiences. Although not required, a basic understanding of computer programming can be helpful.Check out last years project descriptions and results here.

How long with the program run for?

The 2016 session will run for 9 weeks, starting on June 13th and running until August 12th.

Will I get paid?

Your accommodation and meals will be provided, and you will receive a $5000 stipend for the 9 weeks of the program.

Other questions? Check out our FAQ page to see if it's been answered.


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